Thinking of Getting Rid of Your Old Rust Bucket?

When to getting rid of an old car, if you want to make money on it, you can contact local scrapyards and ask them if they buy junk cars? That being said, before you do any of this, there are numerous documents that you need to make sure you have a smooth and legal sale. Below is a complete list of all the necessary paperwork you will need to present.

Vehicle Title

When selling your car, the most important document will be the vehicle title or certificate of title. This proves ownership and is a must if you looking to transfer ownership to the buyer. Also, the title must have your name on it, and there are no encumbrances or liens on the vehicle. Should there be, you must obtain a lien release or wipe out the lien before selling the vehicle.

Release of Liability

In many areas, you are required to fill out a release of liability form. This absolves you of any responsibility of the vehicle once you have sold it on, thus, transferring any liability to the buyer. For sellers that want more peace of mind when selling a vehicle, we recommend that you have a release of liability handy to make sure you do not hit any unforeseen liabilities.

Bill of Sale

While this is not always required legally, it is recommended that you create a bill of sale solely for your records. This outlines the terms of the sale and will include the price agreed-upon, vehicle details, the buyer and seller details, and date of the transaction.

Registration Documents

Depending on where you live, you will have to produce a copy of the vehicle’s registration document, just to prove that you are the legal owner. Especially if the vehicle that you are selling is still in good working condition. We suggest that you check what the local regulations are in order to determine if this is necessary.

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