Frequently Asked Questions

The most prominent benefits of selling your old junk cars include the fact that you have gotten your money’s worth over the years from driving it, or perhaps it was inheritance, and is no longer road legal or in working condition, but nevertheless is taking up crucial space on your property. At Junk My Car, we make great offers to our customers and ensure that they no longer have to be worried about how to get rid of their old cars. We address some essential queries on this page to be a point of reference for new clients. However, if any customers need more insights, then we urge them to contact us, and our customer service experts will be more than happy to help. We have some of the most reliable and unmatched offers across the entire Reynoldsburg, OH area.

How much can I make on my junk car?

There are numerous cash for cars offers on the open market, yet finding the right one will give you the value you desire without feeling like you have been lowballed for your vehicle. Experts have ample knowledge about old cars and understand their value. They can safely determine if something is worth being restored or if the only value of the car is its metal. To maximize the cost of your car, we suggest taking good care of it, but if it’s old and beaten, try to keep it as clean as possible without random debris. Attempt to get it started, and if you can do that, the value of your car increases exponentially.

Do you buy scrap cars?

Yes. As a scrap car buyer, we make sure that we provide our clients with great offers that are reasonable and attempt to establish a positive relationship with our customers. We thrive because of public opinion and the recommendations our old clients give their friends and family about trusting us if they ever consider getting rid of their old, beaten-up automobiles or scrap cars.

How expensive is fixing an old junk car?

Undertaking a project of this extent is by no means easy and needs a lot of extensive investment on replacement parts, labor costs, paint, electricals, and possibly a new engine and getting all the documentation from the DMV to make it road legal. It is always advised that instead of letting such projects burn a hole in your pockets, rely on a junk car buyer and make some money on it instead.

How long have you been in this industry?

We have been buying old broken down, scrap, and junk automobiles for the better part of a decade. Through this time, we have made sure that our customers are never neglected, and they do not feel like they got the shorter end of a deal. We are here to be fair and do our due diligence before making each purchase.

What do you do with the cars?

Depending on the make, model, availability of parts, and the overall condition of the car itself, we either invest heavily in rebuilding the car, sell the parts from a junk car, or recycle the parts. The last scenario is getting its value in scrap metal.

We are certain that new clients who were patient enough to go through this entire page will walk away with more insights and be ready to call us to sell their old cars. However, if they have some specific questions on their mind and would like for us to address them, we urge them to reach out to Junk My Car at (614) 391-3759. Our customer service experts will be more than happy to help. We are widely praised for providing exceptional offers to any customers who want to make a quick buck and sell broken car across the entire Reynoldsburg, OH area.

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